Welcome To Langney Priory

You will have noticed that The Priory recently went on the market for sale. While the owner is actively marketing the property and gardens for sale, we are in negotiations to extend the lease and raise funding to refurbish The Priory for the community. Pandemic not withstanding, it is business as usual.

Set in secluded grounds, almost untouched by time, surrounded by Langney village is the stunning and historic Langney Priory.

Dating back to the 11th Century, Langney Priory is the oldest building in Eastbourne, but over recent years this proud building and its mysterious grounds have fallen from grace, desperately needing restoration and a new purpose for the 21st century.

Historic Langney Priory

Historic Langney Priory Ltd plans to sympathetically transform the building and grounds into a high-end Training Hotel/B&B offering transnational work placements, conferencing, small festivals and a wide range of stimulating historic, rural and ecological training experiences.

The team at Historic Langney Priory will be using all of thier experience in business, social work, construction and teaching to co-ordinate, partners, volunteers and the wider community in the day to day delivery of the enterprise

Historic Langney Priory

It is envisaged that the project will enable a range of micro businesses to be established and developed, in turn creating a platform for the provision of training and employment opportunities that operate in a planned, synchronised way.

Ecologically, the project will incorporate the best available technologies for energy generation and conservation to create a minimal carbon footprint whilst re-discovering the many ecological secrets waiting in the vast grounds.

Historic Langney Priory