Brexit Apocalypse Party

It's no coincidence that Brexit is happening on Halloween, what could be more scary.....
Will we all die from lack of medicine?
Will there be food shortages?
Will the NHS crumble without the free movement of the much needed nurses and doctors now unable to stay in the UK because their earnings are not sufficient to deem them worthy enough to live and work in the UK and subsequently the NHS is sold off to the Americans.
Or will we released from the stranglehold of the bullying EU?
Who knows and who cares anymore but one thing we can all do be you a remainer or leaver is PARTY like it's the end of the world (almost)
Come dance, drink and eat like we may not be able to for a long time.
Spooky disco
Fancy dress
Bar with spooky cocktails
Brexit Games
Horror Film night after disco finished at 11:00 for the hardcore no work tomorrow lot
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