Business Community Wowed by Historic Langney Priory

Corporate day
What’s believed to be Eastbourne’s oldest building has hosted the town’s business community.

Corporate guests were welcomed to Historic Langney Priory on Friday 30th November, to enjoy a tour of the building and the grounds, whilst learning more about the exciting project, which plans to restore the building and grounds to their former glory, whilst creating a unique training facility.
Corporate day
The aim, is to see the Priory used to support the town’s catering sector, where apprentices can learn their trade. There are also plans to use the site to boost tourism to the Langney area, with glamping experiences in the gardens. Weddings, parties, mini-festivals and corporate functions are also hoped to become regular events too, with the site already welcoming ghost hunts through Sussex Darkside.

Historic Langney Priory will be a community-focused project, but still needs funding, and it’s hoped businesses from around the town – and beyond! – will see what a fantastic opportunity this is to invest, not only in rejuvenating such a key part of Eastbourne’s heritage, but also in the community, helping to create both volunteering and jobs for those living in the area. CEO of the project, Charlie Turner said, “It is vital that we welcome the business community to be a part of the restoration of Historic Langney Priory. Their involvement will be integral to its success and will help to ensure this fantastic building and the opportunities it promises can remain a part of Eastbourne for another 1000 years! Without funding from the corporate world, we will struggle to make our dreams for Historic Langney Priory a reality, so we really do need their backing to bring this fantastic building back to life, whilst giving a much-needed boost to the Langney area, which can often go forgotten.”
Corporate day
Director Chris Baker added, “It is always encouraging when a new and adventurous project like ours gets the support from the business community. Welcoming them here to Historic Langney Priory allows them to see first-hand, not only the beauty of this fantastic place, but also the potential it holds to help boost the future economy of Eastbourne, whilst supporting the town’s key tourism sector.”

Historic Langney Priory has already received the backing of Eastbourne’s MP, Stephen Lloyd and the Mayor, Councillor Gill Mattock, who have both expressed their desire to see the project flourish and grow. Councillor Jim Murray, who as a university teacher hopes to see his woodworking students heavily involved in the renovation side of the project, believes bringing a hidden gem like Langney Priory back into the spotlight can only be good for the town. He said, “As a councillor, I regularly hear from hoteliers in the town, who would like to see more well-trained staff available. Being a seaside town, which relies heavily on the tourism industry, we believe having a training site, like the one we plan to turn Historic Langney Priory into, will help to bridge that gap, whilst also giving young people the chance to access apprenticeships and employment opportunities.”
Corporate day
Further corporate events to highlight the project to the business community are currently planned for the New Year at Historic Langney Priory, but in the meantime, any business who would like to find out more about the venture, is encouraged to contact the team, who will be delighted to tell them more.

For further information about Historic Langney Priory and to find the full list of upcoming events, head to the website

Date added: 1 December 2018